Listen. Think. Do.

Vibrant, engaging brand experiences built for you.


Listen. Think. Do.

Vibrant, engaging brand experiences built for you.

About Studiothink

Studiothink is a close-knit, professional and strategic creative team that puts the highest value on customer service and building relationships. We maintain open and fluid discussion internally and with our clients, promoting a variety of well-informed work.

Our researchers, designers, directors and writers come from varied backgrounds and experiences. We have processes in place that incorporate strategic and creative data, discussion, direction, and design at the highest level­, a true “whole brain” experience combining creativity and logic with a committed focus on details and deadlines.

Simply put: we do what we say we’re going to do.

Variety in perspective is key; so too is creating a true partner relationship with the clients we serve. This encourages critical discussion, which in turn promotes even better communication strategy and design.




What we do

We don’t believe in throwing ideas against a wall and seeing what sticks (although Tony says that’s actually pretty fun to do with spaghetti).  When it comes to strategy and marketing planning we believe in a recipe that combines research, data, logic, experience and the good old-fashioned gut instinct of our brand specialists and ideaologists. We also believe in agile marketing principles - the ability to measure and react quickly and be proactive in communication and changing course and trying new ways. 


Strategy & Marketing

We call it “The BigThink”.

We want to get to know you. We want to get to know your customers. We know you know your business better than anyone.

Through secondary research and consultation, working with team members, reviewing CRM and other existing data we will begin to develop the story that influences and develops your key messaging.

With a full understanding of your overall goals and objectives we will develop a strategy and executable plan to meet those goals.  This plan is fluid and will evolves – like any great relationship.

Having a clear understanding of what makes you different/better will help us develop meaningful communications. We like to think like your potential clients – often, it’s necessary to get the same message across in different ways.  (It’s a lot like being married!)



Who are you?  What do you do?  Why does it matter? 

Your brand is not your logo or website or incredibly creative sales materials.  Your brand is simply what others perceive and believe about you.

Effective brand management takes an integrated and intelligent strategy combined with smart, cool and compelling creative design and writing. 

What does that mean? 

It means we believe in gaining a deep understanding of who are and what you do and why people should care about that - so that we can tell the story of your “why” in ways and places that give you the best opportunity to reach your business goals. 

We win when our clients win.  (And we really like winning).



Plato famously said: “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”.

Later, H.G. Wells had his own take: “Beauty is in the heart of the beholder”.

We happen to agree with both.  Great design isn’t just about they way a beautiful image or cool logo, compelling packaging or intuitive web design, interesting typesetting or font design, etc. look, it’s about the way they make you feel.

If we can reach someone emotionally with a design, compel a decision with a photograph, make someone’s day better by communicating clean, clear answers with well constructed and fluid collateral design, and create a campaign that brings a tear, a smile, a memory, a goal, motivation, or understanding - then we’ve truly made something beautiful.  And that’s what we strive to do each day.

PR & Social Media

Public Relations, media relations, community relations, crisis communication, social media, content marketing… oh my!

Having an experienced PR team is like having a best friend who you know will always have your back. 

Your reputation is important to us.  PR gives you an opportunity to tell your story, in your authentic voice.  When you desire to be noted as an authority, to have a conversation and open a dialogue, to elicit trust and express and create advocacy, PR is a must in a truly integrated marketing plan. 

We know that your niece and nephew and that really quiet, strange kid next door are experts in social media because they post, Like, tweet, tag and check-in. 

We’d love to have an opportunity to augment that expertise.




Who We Are

Christine Lobas Founder & CEO

Christine Lobas
Founder & CEO

Jeremy Aker Director, Digital Media

Jeremy Aker
Director, Digital Media

Alyssa Carlozzi Account Coordinator & Digital Media Specialist

Alyssa Carlozzi
Account Coordinator & Digital Media Specialist

Lori Culliton Marketing Strategist & Account Manager

Lori Culliton
Marketing Strategist & Account Manager

Tony Giangrande Senior Designer

Tony Giangrande
Senior Designer

Missy Hayes Client Acquisition & Stewardship Manager

Missy Hayes
Client Acquisition & Stewardship Manager

Eleanore Hilow Account Executive

Eleanore Hilow
Account Executive

Meg Lalley Graphic Designer

Meg Lalley
Graphic Designer

Steve Meyer Senior Art Director  

Steve Meyer
Senior Art Director

Sue Valerian PR Strategist & Client Catalyst

Sue Valerian
PR Strategist & Client Catalyst

Bev Vance Director of Operations

Bev Vance
Director of Operations




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