You might not think of a “Mixology Class” as something a branding and marketing agency would suggest to involve its employees and build trust with a client. But, that’s exactly what happened recently with Studiothink and one of its clients nearby in downtown Cleveland.

The night at Urban Farmer, filled with a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, was the venue for team building among the agency’s employees. Mixology Class had another purpose cleverly rolled into the experience: The Thinkers got to know Urban Farmer, one of the city’s premier restaurants, on a much more personal level than is usually possible during business hours in a buttoned-up setting.

Team-building that’s fun and builds trust


Studiothink Founder & CEO Christine Lobas really enjoyed the content from the class and the team-building exercise. It was her idea to have Studiothink participate in such a fun event. She regularly sets up activities for team building, such as volleyball, bocce ball, happy hours, lunch-and-learns, scavenger hunts, charity runs and more.

She chose this event for a number of reasons. First, to support Studiothink’s clients. Second, Urban Farmer is one of the agency’s closest Downtown neighbors. “I trust Andy Hata, (General Manager of Urban Farmer), who said it would be a fun, relaxing atmosphere, where team members could let their hair down and all be in an environment of learning and creating,” Christine said.

The specifics of the mixology lessons at the event weren’t the main focus for Christine. “It was more about our team members being able to be in an intimate setting, all learning and creating, enjoying great food, beverages, and each other’s company,” she said.

Benefits from mixing and bonding

Starr and Traylor taught the Studiothink team how to mix popular cocktails, such as the Manhattan, Sidecar, Martini, Mojito, French 75 and other tasty concoctions. After mastering some basic skills, the Studiothink crew became one another’s mixologists/bartenders for the day.

Christine wants her team to be able to grow from such experiences and gain a stronger sense of appreciation for the people they are surrounded by each day. “Learning and creating are big parts of what we do on a day-to-day basis. This was a way to create an extension outside the walls of Studiothink,” she explained.

As the Thinkers blended, shook, stirred and served each other and learned while in “class” at Urban Farmer, it definitely created an even stronger bond among our team.

What can we serve up for you?

For colleagues and businesses looking for a unique way to get together and bond outside of work, the Urban Farmer Mixology Class is a fun option. If you haven’t yet visited Urban Farmer Happy Hour, Monday-Friday, 3-6 pm is a great time to sample some signature cocktails and indulge in its award-winning, locally-sourced menu.  

And if you want some savvy branding, strategic communications and design insight--provided by a fun crew that not only offers spot-on solutions for clients but also knows how to work and play hard--contact Studiothink!





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